Beeswax & Argan Oil

BeesArgan Oil is natural oil extracted from the fruit of the Argania Spinosa tree which grows in the Souss area of Morocco. Renowned for its healing properties it has been used by the Berber tribes to improve virility of young men. Elder tribesmen tend to use Argan oil to relieve rheumatic pain and it’s also known to diminish heart disease.

Beeswax is a natural by-product of bees’ honey production produced in the hive of honeybees the genus Apis.

Wonderful Skin Balm

A combination of argan oil and beeswax proves to be a potent ointment in the healing process for problem skins. Argan oil itself contains a high level of vitamin E and beeswax also has a high quantity of nutrients. These two ingredients complement one another and can be used as regularly as required as long as the user does not have a nut allergy. The potent anti-inflammatory properties contained in argan oil really reduce burning rashes and promote healthy cell regeneration.

Beeswax is a thickening ingredient when mixed with natural oil and a larger quantity employed in the mixing process produces a thicker ointment.

More Uses for Argan Oil

Dark golden unrefined Argan oil is ideal for salad dressings and for cooking. The strong nutty flavour enhances many a recipe and gives a pleasant kick to a variety of dishes.


Argan forests are not as prolific as they were hundreds of years ago because due to climate changes the area where the trees grew has diminished and now these forests grow solely in the south west of Morocco.

Berber tribe’s people use argan oil extensively and have done so for centuries. We are just beginning to note the rich properties that this natural oil possesses and the popularity of argan oil is growing.

Everyone from teenage boys and girls to mature men and women notice indeed the life enhancing qualities of argan oil. Hair benefits from the nut protein and high vitamin E content when applied from root to tip. Skin feels rejuvenated, soft and moisturised displaying a radiant glow.


No one living in today’s world resists growing older – it is a natural process – and not as detrimental as advertisers would have you believe. There are ways to combat the effects of aging and reducing those lines and wrinkles without erasing our character completely and argan oil is one of these.

It effortlessly nourishes the skin and once applied absorbs very quickly. Used twice daily argan oil smooths and seals the skin against the elements. No one has to be reminded that skin is the largest organ on the body and is our barrier against the outside world full of toxins and free radicals. It keeps us warm, cools us down and protects us against the weather. That said argan oil is an amazing after sun treatment combating the effects of UVA rays.

Winning Combination

Argan oil and beeswax keep skin healthy and restore the condition to damage from bites, stings and over exposure to strong sun rays. Visit

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